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Doc Wines and Cheese in Sardinia

Cantina Vini Mura – Loiri Porto San Paolo

Description: the winery Mura produces Vermentino and Cannonau wine and offers wine tasting and local food. It takes 16 minutes by car to reach the winery.
Link: Cantina Vini Mura


Tenute Olbios – Olbia

Description: the winery Olbios is situated at the periphery of Olbia in a typical “stazzo” (old farmer’s house). Tenute Olbios produces Vermentino and Cannonau wine. They offer wine tasting and you can also have lunch there (you have to reserve in advance). It takes 15 minutes by car to reach the winery.
Link: Winery Olbios


Tenute Piero Mancini – Luogosanto

Description: the winery Piero Mancini is located in Luogosanto. It takes 1 hour by car to reach the winery. You can visit the vineyards, watch a film about the history of the winery and choose between 3 different types of wine tasting.
Link: Winery Piero Mancini


Wine Museum– Berchidda

Description: the museum shows the most important historical objects of the wine estates in Sardinia. You can visit the museum and taste different wines.
Link: Wine Museum Berchidda


Cheeriees in Sardinia

Description: the Sardinian cheeseries produce the famous pecorino cheese DOP: Sardinian pecorino, roman pecorino and fiore sardo.
Link: Cheeseries in Sardinia