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Sardinia Holidays Blog

An ‘intensive’ day’s holiday at Borgo di Campagna!

A real one-day adventure among nature, sport, culture and gastronomy. The location of our Borgo di Campagna rural tourism hotel makes it possible to spend relaxing and rejuvenating holidays thanks to the benefits of the countryside and the nearby sea. In addition to this, the proximity to numerous points of interest allows our guests to [...]

Sardinian Stories and Myths to Know Before a Holiday!

Stories to know before you go on holiday to Sardinia: myths, legends and history of an ancient land. Before plunging into the unparalleled charm of Sardinia, one must know the secrets, history and myths of this island permeated with beauty and fascination. Known for its spectacular landscapes and emerald green sea, Sardinia has always captured [...]

The benefits of a holiday in the Gallura countryside!

Slow down the rhythms of a hectic life to give way to a holiday dedicated to well-being and regeneration of mind and body. Just as a seaside holiday and thalassotherapy offer their benefits, a holiday in the Sardinian countryside can offer a multitude of benefits for the mind, body and soul. The combination then between [...]

The green gold of Borgo di Campagna

Directly from the farmland to the table, the oil of our farmland obtained with ultra modern systems for a product of excellence. Welcome to a hidden corner of paradise, where the olive trees of Borgo di Campagna whisper stories in the wind and give their precious nectar: olive oil. This is not simply a food [...]

Cortes Apertas: A Journey to the Authentic Heart of Sardinia

Discovering the traditions, customs and traditions of a people from an ancient land. Sardinia is famous for its fascinating beaches, but the hinterland reveals an unparalleled mosaic of traditions and culture. The annual event, “Cortes Apertas,” illuminates these hidden treasures. The Magic of Cortes Apertas Deep in Barbagia, in places like Bitti, Oliena and Sarule, [...]

Red Valley Festival 2023

The red valley music festival is back at the Olbia Arena! Four evenings marked by music and fun in Olbia with the red valley festival, the music event of the summer in Costa Smeralda. The RVF was born in Sardinia in 2015 and in just a few years has achieved enormous success both for the [...]

Yoga sessions at our Residence Hotel Lu Nibareddu

Yoga on a deck at a height of 50 metres with a breathtaking sea view over the bay of Porto Taverna Looking for an exceptional holiday that combines tranquillity, well-being and spirituality? Your destination is our Borgo di Campagna for relaxation and our Residence Hotel Lu Nibareddu for yoga! With a deck facing the bay [...]

Bike excursions, our active holidays!

Enchanted beaches, natural waterfalls, ancient paths, archaeological sites: the most beautiful cycling excursions!   The protagonist of active holidays in Sardinia is definitely the bicycle, an active alternative to just sea and relaxation😊 The excursions we propose are all around the Gallura countryside where we are located, that strip of land that reaches from the [...]

The sweet symbol of Sardinia: Le Seadas!

A sweet that contains all the authenticity of the flavors of the Sardinian island If you immerse yourself in the beating heart of traditional Sardinian cuisine, you will discover a variety of unique and authentic flavours. Among the many culinary masterpieces this region has to offer, there is one dessert that stands out for its [...]

Trekking: Monte Nieddu!

Naturalistic oasis where you can go for walks or real excursions just a few minutes from Porto San Paolo among swimming pools, waterfalls and breathtaking sea views! Monte Nieddu is truly a discovery for those who decide to embark on walks and excursions. A few minutes from Porto San Paolo you reach the hamlet of [...]