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Typical Food of our Region Gallura

A list of local specialties of our region Gallura: porcetto, zuppa, ravioli, acciuleddi and much more !

Sardinia offers like all italian regions many specialties, but here the dishes vary in each part of Sardinia.
In Gallura in North Sardinia like generally in Sardinia people eat mainly meat dishes but there are also a lot of fish specialties.

The famous suckling pig is grilled for about 5 hours on a spit and comes from local farmers. The meat is eaten together with the crispy rind, a real Sardinian delicacy!

Other local meat dishes are “carri e fodda” – pork meat with savoy cabbage, roast lamb and “pecora in cappotto” – sheep’s stew.
Warm first courses are “zuppa gallurese” and “cozze di Olbia”. “Zuppa gallurese” is a kind of bread soufflé with pecorino cheese and meath broth, “cozze di Olblia” are mussels from Olbia, you have to try both dishes!

Other local starters are sweet ravioli made of fresh pasta in meat sauce and “chiusoni” –Sardinian pasta (gnocchetti) but according to a recipe of the region Gallura.

A special warm first course is the “mazza frissa” – fresh cream with semolina (a bit high in calories but very tasty).
The best desserts are “papassini”, popular on the whole island, “formaggelle” and “acciuleddi” (fried pasta sprinkled with honey).

Enjoy your meal!