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“zuppa gallurese” – don’t miss to taste this speciality when you are in Sardinia !

A local, traditional dish of North Sardinia, you have to taste it !

One of the most loved Sardinian dishes is “zuppa gallurese”, it is cooked only in Gallura in North Sardinia. It’s also called “suppa” or “suppa cuata” and it is made of bread slices dipped in lamb broth or beef broth with pecorino and cow milk cheese, parslye and spices.

The recipe probably dates back to the Middle Ages and it is similar to the “suppa catalana” and the “zuppa degli aragonesi”.

Once people thought that the dish was eaten by the poor  because it consists of stale bread,  leftover meat broth, a bit of cheese and spices.  Nowadays we suppose that it was a “noble” dish and it was cooked in occasion of weddings and special events.

How do you prepare it ?

First you cook meat broth (lamb or beef or mixed meat) with carrots, celery, onions, tomatoes, olive oil, salt and pepper. Then you prepare stale layers of bread with pecorino or cow milk cheese, spices and parsley.  Dip the layers of bread in the broth, sprinkle with cheese and spices, put it in a baking dish, bake in 180c oven for approx 30 minutes. Enjoy your meal !