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Sport Events and Local Events in North Sardinia

Sardegna Rally Race – San Teodoro

The unique European competition in the entire Cross-Country Rally.
Link: Sardegna Rally Race


Cinema Festival- Isola di Tavolara

Watch the Italian movies on the island of Tavolara or in other locations. The festival takes place in July.
Link: Cinema Festival


Tavolara Paddle Festival – Porto Taverna

Canoa event in September on the beach of Porto Taverna with tournaments for beginners and professionals.


Cortes Apertas

The residents of the villages in the inner of Sardinia welcome visitors in their houses to show them the tradition and culture of the region. The festival takes place from September to December.


Local Festivals

Sagra delle Cozze – Olbia

During the festival in honor of San Simplicio in May the festival Sagra delle cozze takes place. You will have the possibility to eat gratinated and marinated mussels from Olbia.


Sagra della Panada – Oschiri

During this festival you can eat the Panada, a sort of pie stuffed with fish or meat. The festival takes place in August.


Sagra del Vermentino – Monti

Wine tasting in Monti offered by the winery of Monti. The festival takes place in August.


Sagra del Mirto – Telti

You can taste the Sardinian Mirto liqueur which is made of the berries of the myrtle plant which grows in the Mediterranean climate and local food. The festival takes place in August.