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The Nuragic, Roman and Medieval Culture in Sardinia

Pedres Castle and Tomba dei Giganti – Olbia

Description: the medieval castle of Pedres is situated on a hill with a beautiful view over the gulf of Olbia and is reachable by car in 19 minutes. The archaeological site tomba dei Giganti Su Monte de S’ape (giant’s grave) is not far from the castle. The giant’s grave was built by the nuragic civilization.
Link: Castello di PedresTomba dei Giganti


Nuraghe di Cabu Abbas – Olbia

Description: the Nuraghe Rio Mulino, a kind of fortress has been built by the nuragic civilization (1700 bc) and is located on the top of the mountain Monte Colbu with a beautiful view over the gulf of Olbia.
Link: Nuraghe Cabu Abbas


Pozzo Sacro “Sa Testa” – Olbia

Description: the sacred spring (pozzo sacro) is situated at the periphery of Olbia near the beaches of the gulf. It is reachable by car in 20 minutes. The spring has been used for religious purposes during the nuragic period.
Link: Pozzo Sacro “Sa Testa”


Archeological Museum – Olbia

Description: the archeological museum is situated near the center of Olbia near the Molo brin. The museum is rich in finds from various periods, among which the Roman and medieval shipwrecks and discoveries of the phoenician, greek, roman and punic period. It is reachable by car in 15 minutes.
Link: Archeological Museum – Olbia


Nuraghe Albucciu, Tomba dei Giganti di Moru and Tempietto di Malchittu – Arzachena

Description: the complex is situated at the entrance of Arzachena and was built by the nuragic civilization. You can visit the Nuraghe Albucciu, the nuragic cimitery “tomba dei giganti” and the holy temple “Malchittu”.
Link: Nuraghe AlbucciuTemple Malchittu


Fava Castle – Posada

Description: the medieval ruins of the castle “castello della Fava” are situated on a hill at the ancient part of Posada. It is reachable by car in 26 minutes, just take the highway SS131, exit Posada.
Link: Castello della Fava