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Trekking: Monte Nieddu!

Naturalistic oasis where you can go for walks or real excursions just a few minutes from Porto San Paolo among swimming pools, waterfalls and breathtaking sea views!

Monte Nieddu is truly a discovery for those who decide to embark on walks and excursions. A few minutes from Porto San Paolo you reach the hamlet of Buddittogliu in San Teodoro and from there begins a beautiful journey made up of breathtaking views, Mediterranean scrub, natural pools, waterfalls, canyons and more.

Mount Nieddu is suitable for all adults and children because it offers various routes that can be traveled by car, bike or on foot.

The points of interest are certainly:

– the Palemonti lookout from which to enjoy the wonderful view of the protected marine park of Tavolara. It can be reached by crossing the thick Mediterranean scrub populated by native wildlife made up mostly of wild boars, ravens, peregrine falcons, golden eagles.

– The natural waterfalls and pools of the Rio Petrisconi, real waterfalls and natural pools created over time thanks to the erosion of the granite due to the constant force of the water over the decades.

– The path of the charcoal burners: a real artificial canyon built many years ago by entrepreneurs of charcoal that reaches down to the valley! Along the way you can still see the lay-bys blackened by coal!