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There are 60 million domestic animals registered only in Italy and more than half are dogs. It's easy to understand the great need of public spaces for dogs and their owners. In Sardinia with the regional law of 2016 each commune of Sardinia dedicated a part of some beaches of their own territory to dogs with their owners. This innovation has made another leap forward to Sardinia in terms of tourist services, earning new blue flags, synonymous of "good tourism".

dog beaches in north sardinia
dog beaches in noth sardinia

The dog-friendly beaches are different in Sardinia and offer different types of services: from the vet to the services and care of the dog, from water fountains to games. Obviously there are also rules to follow including leash always ready, collection of dejections and health book. The entrance to the beaches is always free (some services has to be paid) but never go there without leash or other because the fines are expensive! Today the hotels begin to open to the animals in this case dogs and cats. Usually with a small supplement the travel companion is well accepted in hotels, residences, villages, Agriturismo in Sardinia.

dog beaches close to Olbia
dog beaches close to San Teodoro

In the North of Sardinia, as mentioned, there are two beaches close to our animal friendly rural hotel Borgo di Campagna.

Doggie Beach Le Saline

Beach Le Saline is 10 minutes from us, the municipality of Olbia has allocated a part of the beach only to dogs and owners. The stretch is the initial one and has been fenced in such a way as to make dogs, owners and bathers in general quiet. The beach is usually not very popular and being very long even during periods of high turnout, it is always very chaotic. The rules to be followed in the dog beach are a leash obligation, a health book, a collection of dejections.

Doggie Beach Costa Caddu

Another beach 20 min from our rural hotel is that of Costa Caddu in San Teodoro. The beach is always public with free access even for dogs. Here too peace and tranquility reigns, the beach and the water are not the best but the peace and tranquility that you breathe are worthy of note. The rules to follow here are also mandatory leash, health book, collection of dejections, maximum 25 dogs and max 2 per person.

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