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Like every year in Sardinia for Sardinians and tourists the Easter and Easter Monday are synonymous of rebirth and the spring help this sweet awakening certainly with its first warm, colors and scents. After a winter in "hibernation" they takes advantage of the Easter and Easter Monday for spending days out having lunch in farmhouse with a walk in the afternoon in the countryside or visiting the main attractions of the area.

Many offers for this Easter and Easter Monday 2017 in Sardinia by farmhouse, restaurants and rural hotels. In the North East Sardinia area for example there are many offers to spend some beautiful days there are many menu for lunch offered by restaurants. Certainly more appreciated is the typical menu of the area such as that of Gallura, with cold meats and cheeses, Gallurese Soup and lamb.

At Borgo di Campagna 10 minutes far away from Olbia with its typical farmhouse restaurant offers for Easter and Easter Monday 2017 a real typical Easter menu with cold cuts and cheeses, wild boar, Gallurese soup, stewed lamb, and the famous little suckling pig.

Take a look the menu!

And after lunch, a walk in the countryside surrounded with Mediterranean vegetation, centuries old oaks and wild animals, or a visit to the nearby archaeological sites such as the castle of Pedres, or the tomb of the giants, or a walk on the beautiful beach Porto Istana 10 minutes away.

Now we have just to look the offers for Easter and Easter Monday 2017 on the website to see the menu and booking!

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