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Loiri and Porto San Paolo belonged to the municipality of Tempio Pausania in the inner of the region Gallura for many years. In 1979 Loiri and Porto San Paolo became a single municipality.

The territory of Loiri Porto San Paolo is a perfect harmony between land and see and it is stretching out from the hinterland of Loiri to Porto San Paolo and the sea of Tavolara. It extends for about 120 km and is characterized by hills and the coast, making the landscape unique.

The whole territory has 3500 inhabitants who live in the countryside of Loiri and in the small villages Santa Giusta, Enas, Trudda, Montilittu, Azzani, Zappali and at the coast area of Porto San Paolo. The roots of the community reach back to Neolithic period, the Nuragic civilization and the Roman period. Between the 17th and the 20th century emerges the culture of the “stazzo”, an agro-pastoral community which lived in farmhouses in the territory of Gallura.
With the community of the stazzo the hinterland and the coast area expand and numerous paths descend from the hills of Loiri to the sea of Porto San Paolo.

Due to the continuity between the two areas the culture, tradition and authenticity of the coast area and the countryside has been preserved.
Many farmhouses (stazzi) has been preserved and are open for visitors as well as the agriturismo where you can try fresh pasta, sausages, roast suckling pig, homemade desserts …. The landscape is characterized by ancient oak trees, myrtle, holm oaks, cork trees and mediterranean plants.

From the hills to the sea of Porto San Paolo

Tourism and urbanization in the tourist village Porto San Paolo has expanded in the last years. Porto San Paolo is a popular holiday destination which offers a harbor with berths and a daily boat connection to the island of Tavolara. There are beaches like Porto San Nicola and Porto Taverna, Residences, restaurants and different tourism services. (www.comune.loiriportosanpaolo.ot.it).

Porto San Paolo, Olbia and San Teodoro share 15.000 hectares sea and 40 km coast with the island of Tavolara and the small islands of Molara, Molarotto, Drago, Piana and Cavalli (www.amptavolara.com/home-page/).

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